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This incredible set of succulents is sure to add some detail to your pages. Cacti is a Companion set to our Old West Frontier dies. Height of cacti ranges from 1 3/4" to 4 3/4" and the inside of the dies (aside from the smallest Cactus) are removeable to give you the option of texture. 


SKU: 20220010
  • tallest Cacti is 4.3" tall by 2.3" wide (embossing die nests inside)

    Med/tall Cacti is 3.75" tall by 2.15" wide (embossing die nests inside)

    Med/Small Cacti is 2.75" tall by 1.6" wide (embossing die nests inside)

    Small Cacti is 1.5" tall by 0.8" wide die has embossing lines embedded.


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