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Introducing Celtic Knots. This is a Special Release die. What does that mean? Special Release dies are only seasonal releases. They will only be produced in limited quantity and available while supplies last. It is possible that they will be re-released for the following years season, but no guarantees. 

Celtic Knots is our creation based on a type of common knot in the Celtic Design. We joined multiple knots to create a chain for this beautiful border. Due to the nature of dies with intricate holes/cuts this die may need a combination of multiple passes and the possible use of an additional shim to create greater/even pressure across the die's cutting surface.

***IMPORTANT*** OutLaws Dies does NOT recomend using a metal sheet for intricate dies as some other companies do. The reason is simple, low profile dies have metal cutting edges that are designed to cut into softer/more flexible materials such as self healing mats or acrylic plates. When metal is pressed against metal it will give you a "crisper" cut but it will also damage the way the die is designed and "soften" or round the cutting edge. This eventually will make the die unuseable. Whereas cutting with the proper acrylic or self healing mat is what the edge is designed to cut upon. With the Sizzix Big Shot machine we folded a sheet of 12x12 cardstock in half (regular Bazzil) placed that between the "A" shim plate and bottom acrylic plate of the "sandwich" so the layers go from bottom to top: Base plate, Shim "A" (for thin low profile dies), folded paper, Acrylic, paper, die (facing down to paper), acrylic plate. Then we ran it through forward, then drew it backward back through. (2 passes). This gave us a beautiful even cut. (you will still need to carefully extract the paper from the die as it has very delicate and thin connections of paper between the cuts.) There is a full video on how to use this die on our YouTube channel: OutLaws Dies. 

Celtic Knots

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