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These Pieces are sure to enhance your collection. Cogs and Daisies are a Companion set to Cogs & Clouds. These gears and flowers fit perfectly into the design of the Frontier set Cogs & Clouds. Use them together and stack them or make your cogs work together to form a chain. This set contains BOTH Cogs AND Daisies. (They are available separately if you prefer to buy only one of the designs.) 

Cogs and Daisies

SKU: 20220014
  • Large daisy is 1.5" diameter.

    Middle Daisy is 1.15" diameter.

    small Daisy is 0.75" diameter.

    Large Cog is 1.5" diameter.

    Middle Cog is 1.15" diameter.

    small Cog is 0.75" diameter.

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