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A selection of wavy designs to accent your pages with. From a simple, delicate wave to a large deep wave, these dies will give your scrapbook pages a new depth to your scrapbook layouts. Use them individually or stack them to create new combinations. When cut from a strip of paper (for example a 6x12 piece) these dies will give you two pieces to choose from, or if making a double page layout use both to stretch across the entire layout.


SKU: 20220008
  • This are thin, low profile metal dies. Due to the nature of the product they are designed to be used in personal die cutting machines. Because of how these machines work (using rollers to achieve the pressure to cut) these dies can warp. It will not affect their performance. Thin, low profile dies are NOT designed to cut thick materials such as chipboard, wood, veneer, or plastics. They are designed and tested for use on paper, light fabrics, thin acetate, and some thinner felts. Please use them for their designed purpose and with the appropriate "sandwich" of plates/platforms for your machine per it's manual. Any other use on different materials/substrates will damage the dies, and quite possibly your machine. We are not liable for any damage to machines or materials due to use of our dies, as they are tested and approved for thin, low profile die use. 

  • single wave is 12.25" long and 1.5" tall

    middle wave is 12.25" wide and 1" tall

    large (uneven) wave is 12.25" wide by 1.75" tall

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